Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Casual hip-hip-hooray!

Hip means fashionably current. Casual means everyday dash comfy. 
A jean dress is always fashionably current and can be worn everyday, 
from working time till drinking time. 

My jeans dress is blend she found in a forgotten more & more shop.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Make it official.

Here we are with the second post of the day as I promised. 

Those of you who still have their job (and of course I hope you keep it and laugh with my black humor!), may find this post interesting, since it's quite for an office outfit. You can wear it anywhere though and here I am wearing it on New Year's eve, on a texas hold'em tournament at a friend's house. 

All of the items are bought from attrattivo and next to my photos, I'll show you the photo in the shop's catalogue. Yeap, sometimes you can't resist buying clothes exactly the way they show them to you. But let's not make this a habit! We've got our own style, remember?

Just the three of us.

Hello my fashion friends and happy 2011! 
I know you've seen this dress from heel too many times on this blog. Please forgive me, because I want to show it to you once more, actually three times more (!) and after that, I promise you won't see it again. Unless of course if you see me wearing it on a random day on the street or at a bar or something. I'm sure you'll know it's me from the first sight. Or my sister. Or my niece. ;-)

Actually, there's another post coming right after this one, coz I know this is not exactly a new post!


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