Thursday, October 14, 2010

1st time fussing.

We all need some fuss in our lives. Especially when it's a fuss about fashion. We need fashion. And although there are many fashion blogs that do a great job, there will never be too many. Everyone needs to have a different opinion and objective. This is my fussing around. You will find the first three pieces out of my closet. Enjoy.

This is my latest acquisition from heel. It reminds me of my lovely niece so I call it Kyvelie. I will surely wear it with skintight trousers and black boots.

This is a piece I bought 2 years ago. They are saten military bloomers from desigual. It's skirt and pants in one.

This is an older shirt that I bought 2 years ago from Cop Copine. I just love it.

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